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Published 11th Feb 2011

Boro Angels

People across the country, including in Middlesbrough, are taking up the challenge this Valentine’s week to love their streets! 

The concept is an initiative of Christian Nightlife Initiatives Network, HOPE Together and Street Angels in partnership with a range of other agencies.  

Love Your Streets is focused around taking responsibility for the community; caring for neighbours, picking up litter, smiling at someone, saying hello or by getting involved in Neighbourhood Watch, Street Angels or feeding the homeless.

The idea is to encourage good old fashioned community spirit!  

Love Your Streets will be launched at the United Hope event at the Pearson Centre in Beeston, Nottingham on Sunday, February 13.

The speaker for the United Hope event will be Roy Crowne, the Executive Director of Hope Together, who will be urging people to get involved in the Love Your Street initiatives by joining in through words and action.

People up and down the country are also encouraged to take part in the launch of this exciting initiative during the weekend by carrying out random acts of love towards others in their community. 

Boro Angels

Boro Angels are all volunteers who contribute to the safety of Middlesbrough town centre on Saturday nights.

The Angels have been ‘loving our streets’ for the past year and are currently recruiting for new volunteers with a view to expanding to Friday nights too.

Tracey Brittain, Project Manager for Boro Angels, said: “There are people like Boro Angels who are committed to reclaiming the streets and to ensuring a non-judgmental approach to caring for others when they have become vulnerable.

“In the current climate of central government cuts, projects and individuals involved in ‘Love Your Streets’ are crucial to a communities sense of wellbeing. I urge anybody with a heart for their streets to think about loving the community beyond this valentines week”

Love your streets

The call this Valentine’s week is to think how warm people feel inside when someone says hello or smiles or does something nice for you - Love Your Streets encourages you to help someone else feel warm and loved and wanted through your actions!  

Speaking before the launch, Adam May, the National Director of Development for Christian Nightlife Initiatives said: “Love Your Streets is an exciting initiative to promote that lacking sense of community spirit up and down the land.

“The call in our time is now to respond and I would urge and encourage everyone alike to buy into this initiative.

“I am delighted to be part of making this initiative happen and look forward to seeing the stories which will unfold as a result of this. All we need is love!" 

Paul Blakey MBE, Founder of Street Angels, said: “Love Your Streets happens day in and day out in communities across our nation.

“People volunteer time, resources, talent and energy to make a difference in the lives of others and society as a whole.

“This concept is to encourage more people to think of others.

“I see weekly first hand the difference people make - be part of those who 'Love Your Streets' as a way of life.”

How you can take part

The Love Your Streets website features a list of ideas for the coming week. Also, Boro Angels are currently recruiting volunteers. Could you be an angel? For more details of what Boro Angels do, or how you can become a volunteer please visit or call Tracey on 07539839835.

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