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Published 10th Oct 2011

Light Middlesbrough

The Tees Transporter Bridge is set to trip the light fantastic as part of special centenary celebrations for the iconic structure.

Each night for two weeks from this Monday, October 10, the Transporter’s soaring majesty will be celebrated with Light Middlesbrough, a dynamic, interactive lighting display.

In a spectacular after-dark show each night through to October 23, the Teesside public will see the Transporter transformed as it shifts, shimmers, vanishes, sparkles and reforms.

During Monday’s launch night, organisers promise that the iconic structure will appear to be reconstructed from the ground up, with 91 weeks of the original 1911 build compressed into 91 seconds.

Special show at 8.30pm each night

And the highlight of each night’s illumination will be a seven-minute 8.30pm special effects light show. To enhance their enjoyment of the show, members of the public are encouraged to download a specially written soundtrack to listen to while watching from their favourite viewing point. The music can be found at

Vote from Monday October 17

And from Monday, October 17 – the bridge’s centenary birthday - Transporter fans everywhere will have an opportunity to take part in the unique show by choosing their favourite lighting design at

More about the Light show

The illumination is the brainchild of lighting artist Johnny Goodwin, who promises: “Each night’s illumination will start in darkness and begin by revealing the Transporter in relation to the time it took to build the steelwork, right up to the point when the two sides met over mid-river.

“Throughout the first week of the show, there will be a development of the lighting, starting with classical designs and getting increasingly bold in colour and animation as the week unfolds.

“At times the bridge will be bathed in light and colour. It will twinkle almost like someone has sprinkled fairy dust over it and sometimes it will pulsate with the music, which is why it’s so important that people download the track and press play at 8.30pm each night.

“I am really excited about the people of Teesside taking part in the project. I really want them to vote and choose the Transporter’s lighting look each night during the second week of the illumination.

“But my overriding message to everyone is you’ve got to keep looking! It will be constantly changing so it will be easy to miss something special.”

Transporter fans can watch the light shows from wherever they can see the Transporter throughout Teesside and are also welcome to visit the bridge to watch the displays close-up from the riverside viewing area.

Lighting the way

We are delighted to announce that SABIC UK Petrochemicals is showing its support for the Teesside community by helping to sponsor LightMiddlesbrough.

The Teesside-based chemical company directly employs 700 local people on its sites at Wilton and North Tees and a further 400 indirectly.

And it also has a great commitment to Teesside, carrying out much excellent educational work to inspire local schoolchildren to get involved with science and engineering, while also supporting many local charities.

The company’s North Tees Brinefields – just beyond the shadow of the Transporter Bridge – are a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and have been found to host no less than 157 different breeds of birds.

And many employees of SABIC UK Petrochemicals are looking forward to an exclusive family open day at the Transporter in further celebration of the iconic structure’s centenary.

Additional celebrations

A whole day of centenary celebrations for the iconic structure will take place on Sunday, October 16, including 100 bungee jumps between 9am and 5pm and then, from 6pm, a carnival, spectacular outdoor show and fireworks finale.

On Monday, October 17 – the Transporter’s actual 100th birthday – there will be a civic party at the foot of the bridge from 1.30pm featuring performances by local schoolchildren, speeches and presentations. Details:

Download the celebrations leaflet

TB100-leaflet.gifDownload the Transporter Bridge Centenary Celebrations leaflet






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