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picture of  The Office Of Useful Art

The Office Of Useful Art

Working space, open to the public, at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, mima

  • 01642 931232
  • Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, mima Centre Square TS1 2AZ
  • official website


  • Parking & transport
    • Accessible by public transport
  • Location
    • Town centre


Take the A19, turn off onto the A66 and follow the signs for the town centre. Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and York are under an hour away - Leeds is a little further. There are plenty of car-parks within five minutes walk of mima.

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‘Arte Útil’ roughly translates as ‘useful art’. This type of practice focuses on the applied dimension of art, stressing the beneficial outcomes of projects for their users. The archive of Arte Útil presents case studies that reintroduce the old idea that art is not for its own sake, but a tool or device for social change.

This is not an exhibition but a working space open to the public, where they invite contributions to the archive, subscription to the membership of the Arte Útil association and proposals for projects that it can address. Works from mima's collection displayed alongside this archive are what they could consider being examples of useful art. You are invited to participate in this working space, with opportunities to make, create and share your ideas of what useful art means to you.

Developed in collaboration with artist Tania Bruguera, the Van Abbemuseum and the Internationale confederation of European museums as part of the Uses of Art programme funded by the European Culturefund and Arts Council England.