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London trio Miraculous Mule deliver a slick and seemingly effortless, hard-blues driven brand of rock 'n' roll, but it's knife-edge stuff. We can explain. The slick and effortless part comes from the fact that these boys have been cutting their teeth and earning their stripes over the years with a devout immersion in gothic American roots music, before that particular bandwagon arrived in town again, and again after it left.

Hellbound Hearts are more than the sum of their parts, a live force to be reckoned with and when combined they make heavy, catchy and standout music laced with dark jagged riffs and pop smart melodies.

Johnny Seven reformed after 31 years after being asked to support the Rezillos at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton on 9th Dec 2011. They had been asked to get the band back together a number of times previously, but as the band was formed at a Rezillos gig at Middlesbrough Rock Garden in 1978, this one felt right. The band were so well received at the gig they decided to carry on and play some more.

Westgarth Social Club

Westgarth Social Club The Westgarth Social Club is now in its Centenary Year - as well as being a home to many loyal members with great bingo and games nights - it is now also becoming a popular hub for music in Middlesbrough.