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Jul 21

Pressgang! with the Historical Maritime Society


Would you like to sail with Captain Cook? It wasn't all plain sailing!


2018 marks the 250th anniversary of Cook embarking on his great voyage of discovery and it is also the museum’s 40th birthday. Join Jenny and Rob at the museum to learn more about the history of the lost village of East Marton. There will be a short and steady stroll around the park and taking a short and into the village of West Marton to discover more about the buildings and history of this area.

We will finish back at the museum for 12 where visitors will be free to use Cooks Café for lunch if they would like.

Tickets are £4 per adult or free with an Explorer Pass.

The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

Discover why Captain James Cook is the world's most famous navigator with our exploration into his early life, seafaring career and the legacy of his voyages.

The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum opened on the 28th October 1978 - the 250th anniversary of Cook's birth. It is housed in a purpose-built building close to the granite urn marking the site of Cook's birthplace cottage in Stewart Park, Marton, Middlesbrough.

The museum tells the story of one of the world's greatest navigators and mariners through themed display galleries housing original artefacts, exhibitions, associated activities and events and a lively education programme. There is full disabled access throughout and additional facilities such as the Discovery Room (education & activities), the Endeavour Room (meetings & events), the Resolution Resources Room (archive & research) complete with a gift/book shop and café.