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picture of  Dosa Houze Restaurant

Dosa Houze Restaurant

Dosa Houze is a specialist South Indian restaurant.

  • 01642 248023
  • 307 Linthorpe Road TS1 4AW


  • Parking & transport
    • Accessible by public transport
  • Location
    • Town centre

Food Hygiene Rating

Inspected: 01-Jan-1970
  • The Food Hygiene Rating shown reflects the standards found on the date of inspection or visit by the Local Authority
  • Ratings are given on a scale from 0 (urgent improvement necessary) up to 5 (very good)
  • The rating is not a guide to food quality


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Dosa Houze Restaurant is a specialist South Indian restaurant with a contemporary mix of seasonal vegetables. We bring you the taste of authentic, nutritious, healthy home-cooked South Indian food. Dosa is the name of one of the most popular dishes of the Southern part of India introducing the popular concept of ‘Thali’ style of eating to the North where small pots of different curries are given along with Rice or Naan as the main course of the meal.

This allows you to get a taste of different flavours with one meal. Dosa Houze represents the hospitality of South India. Hospitality is the essence of believing that authenticity is not compromised, quality comes first and a commitment to delivering the best service possible.

The premise reflects the culture and hospitality of the South Indian region. 80% of South Indian food is vegetarian and gluten free. Use of Coconut, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and tamarind characterises the south cuisine. The influence of Mughal cuisine with the usage of dry nuts and cashew nut pastes in curries is a unique feature of the Hyderabadi Cuisine and Dosa Houze specialises in this to bring out the curries originality and authentic flavours.

We try our best to keep vegetarian and non-vegetarian food separate and we also strive to keep the use of gluten-based items separate. South Indian culinary tradition and culture has the unique feature of using Saili leaf plates to eat on. All our dishes are served to you on Saili leaf plates on which you heap your rice and the heat off it gives a unique flavour to the food.

We do not cook a huge number of dishes on a daily basis but each dish is made for that day only and so the authenticity is preserved with freshness. There are special items each day, which could be a starter, or a main curry.

Opening times

Monday 12noon-11pm
Tuesday 12noon-11pm
Wednesday 12noon-11pm
Thursday 12noon-11pm
Friday 12noon-11pm
Saturday 12noon-11pm
Sunday Closed