showcases fantastic local businesses including butchers, breweries, grocers, jewellers, online wellbeing groups and food delivery outlets.

There are loads of great reasons to buy from your local shops; not only does it keep your hard-earned cash in the local area, it’s better for the environment, creates more jobs, and very often a real life person does a little happy dance when you make a purchase! makes it easy for you to find brilliant Boro businesses, so we can support each other and #BuyBoro

Lough and Brock

Not spending a lot at the moment? There are plenty of other ways to show your support for indies that will mean the world to them and won’t cost you a penny:

Engage with your favourite businesses on social media – whether it’s a like, a nice comment or a quick share it means a lot to a small business to see your support.

Write a positive review – if you’ve shopped before and love it, why not review it? It might mean another order from someone else!

Recommend to a friend – found a shop or biz you love? Tell your mates all about it and that way they can flourish and maybe even expand. Word of mouth is so powerful!