Middlesbrough’s first yoga studio is here! Located on Albert Road North in the vibrant new business community, Ananda Wellbeing offers a sanctuary that is inclusive to all with classes to suit a range of needs from beginners, to flexibility sessions – we had a chat with owner Anna to find out more!

Is this your first business venture?

Yes this is my first business venture, one which I am undertaking with my partner, who is an amazing driving force for the business. I have recently left my fulltime job as a primary school teacher to dedicate myself to the business.

Where exactly will it be on Albert North

It will be ground floor, number 10 Albert Road (opposite Flares and next door to Boulevard 8).

How far on is the project (when are you likely to be open?)

We are working with the very talented Peter Turner from Cocoon and Bauer, based just up the road at Boho 5, who completely gets the vibe we are going for with the studio. C&B have produced a concept design which is stunning. We took ownership of the studio on the 22nd July and it is all hands on deck to do the refurbishment works in readiness for our launch party on Saturday 14th September, with lessons due to start on Monday 16th September!

Why did you choose to open in Albert North

We decided to open the studio on Albert Road as a result of the recent redevelopments taking place in the area as a result of the Albert North project.

The project is being carried out by Jomast who have had past success with transforming Baker Street and Bedford Street. After seeing how successful the redevelopment was in that area we wanted to be a part of this one. After meeting with them and talking though the project, it was clear their vision aligned with ours – it seemed a natural fit.

The Albert North location is central, close to the shopping area and has good transport links. Middlesbrough is undergoing some really positive changes and we wanted to be part of that. The recent additions to the street, from companies such as Alkaline Kitchen, Mabo, Clickso, Salesfire and Pie Jackers adds variety to the centre of town and draw people into Middlesbrough who would otherwise not be there.

Is this Middlesbrough’s first dedicated yoga studio?

Middlesbrough doesn’t have a dedicated yoga studio which always struck me as odd considering there are lots of fantastic teachers in the area! We’ll have a mix of teachers who all offer something a little different. We’ll be working hard to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

What services will you offer?

The offering of services will be vast; from beginners course, energetic classes, relaxation classes, flexibility, pre and postnatal, before and after work time slots as well as GP referral courses, corporate yoga and educational events that will vary in theme throughout the year. There is also going to be a treatment room for services such as physiotherapy, reki, hot stone massages and reflexology.

If people have never tried yoga and are a bit unsure, what would you say to them?

Just give it a go!! I genuinely believe that everybody can benefit from yoga, it doesn’t matter about your shape, size, fitness level or age, it’s just about turning up on your mat and letting the practice do its thing.

If you’d like to get in touch with the studio direct, visit their website.

Good luck to all involved with this exciting #BrilliantlyBoro venture!